To receive the agenda and obtain more details about the event, please write an email to events@rdnglobal.com

The event will include the presentation of new projects:

  • Airports
  • Water and sanitation
  • Highways, roads and paths
  • Energy
  • Health infrastructure
  • Mining
  • Telecommunications

The summit will include presentations by senior government and private sector officials in the infrastructure sector. These presentations will offer the opportunity to:

• Understand the government's long-term vision, plans and investments in the region through plenary speeches

• Meet with government officials

• Obtain clear opinions about the contracting process and planning 

During the event the most important points are about:

• Investment opportunities in the infrastructure sector in Ecuador

• Financing and investment of projects

In addition, the summit will include individual private meetings organized in accordance to the objectives and priorities of the participants:

• Our team will organize one-on-one meetings for all participants

• Attendees can plan in advance who they would like to meet to fit their goals and priorities

• Participation with senior government officials in pre-scheduled private meetings

• Discuss business and partnership opportunities