The summit will include presentations by senior government and private sector officials in the area of mining exploration. These presentations will offer the opportunity to:

• understand the government's long-term mining vision, plans and investments in the region through plenary speeches

• meet with government officials and understand regulatory laws, environmental laws and sustainability in the Mining sector.

• Obtain clear opinions about the hiring process and mining planning with efficiency and economic profitability

• meet with mine owners and operators to promote innovative technology, products and solutions for mining operations in the region

Mining Investments in Ecuador and region 

During the event the most important points are about:

• Investment opportunities in the industrial mining sector in Ecuador

• Experiences of the private sector in the Ecuador mining industry

• Investment opportunities in the artisanal mining sector in Ecuador

• Case studies in Latin American countries: lessons learned

• Regulation, update of the legal framework

• Financing and investment of mining projects

• Social license to operate and sustainable mining principles

In addition, the summit will include individual private meetings organized in accordance to the objectives and priorities of the participants:

• Our team will organize one-on-one meetings for all participants.

• Attendees can plan in advance who they would like to meet to fit their goals and priorities.

• Participation with senior government officials in pre-scheduled private meetings.

• Discuss business and partnership opportunities.